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Sep 19, 2016
Part time
1. Transcription: The selected candidate(s) will work on:  1.Transcribe our Audios. 2.Do content analysis of data given by us. 3.Make reports bases on the content analysed. 2. Translation:   The selected candidate(s) will work on:  Translate our files:  From English to Hindi / Tamil / Kannada/ Malayalam / Telugu / Bengali / Gujarati / Marathi / Assamese / Oriya etc. You should be able to translate an ENGLISH questionnaire into HINDI (or various regional languages)  i.e. The questionnaires would be in English, you will need to read it, understand what is written and frame it in Hindi and Translate (type it in word file). The translation should be of satisfactory quality. It should not be word to word. The meaning and message should be conveyed properly (colloquial).