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smpl pvt. ltd. Howrah, West Bengal, India
May 07, 2021
Full time
Banking Office Coordinator // Corporate Bank  Department (7003956832) Direct Banking Pay-roll Recruitment – Walk-in Interview Is Going On Fresher's Employment Notice For All Over West Bengal – 2021 Hiring For Office Coordinator || Male Or Female Both Can Apply Required Criteria  :- Age Limitation –  18 Years to 29 Years. Qualification –  H.S Pass & Graduate (Any Post Graduate) Job Role :- Office Executive || Data Entry || C.S.O || Kyc Verification Officer. Skills :   Good Communication Skills. Good Computer Knowledge must. Job Type :- Full Time & Permanent Job. Salary :- 13.500-17.500 (Per Month) Benefits :- Medical || P.F || E.S.I || Salary On Time . You Have To Carry For Your Interview Bio-data || Photo Copy || All Academic Document || I,d Prof Contact Person HR ANWESHA- 7003956832 & Send Me You C.V My Whatsapp **** We Are Not Any Type Of Consultancy ****
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Job is a place where many kinds of attitudes and thought processes go on. But as a new job holder, that where a different scenario arises. Few people tend to be nervous, while others are much excited, especially for IT Jobs . There might be some mixed feelings in attending a new job. Keeping in mind the behavior you exhibit at the work environment, colleagues and your higher management respond in the similar way. So it’s always important to maintain a good rapo when joining a new job. Jobs Near Me  has listed out a few tips that guide you better at the new office. Take a look at the few tips as you start a new job and are well into it. Know about the organization It’s always recommended to understand the functionality and business area of the company. You are selected to accomplish the job roles that relate your skills assessed. So there’s a compulsion of knowing the company’s culture and business goals. You should be in a position to answer your peer’s questions on different verticals that the company handles, and learn the social activities it takes up. You might take the advantage while discussing the company profile and portraying it at your best. Smarter sharing You are not in a place to share everything about you and your family. Indeed nobody cares about your personal aspects until they mingle with you completely. Similarly while you are preparing for jobs, there’s nothing important for you to enquire everything from everyone. Keep in mind that few sectors including Healthcare Jobs  are presently trending and you need to be keen with sound technical knowledge while implementing a smarter way of sharing words. Just speak limited about your work nature and try to understand your co-workers' style of working. Maintain healthy work relations Try to overcome errors that drag the team into troubles. You might be new to the job, but drive in all your previous work experience to handle the situations right. However if you are a fresher, few mistakes at work and the unnecessary wordy behavior can be apologized for an extent. Never talk about the bonding you have with colleagues in your past organizations. Learn things quickly and limit your talkativeness. Exchange of ideas, active participation of meetings, and discussions showcase the real talent in you. Control your emotions You might have a lot of confidence in achieving wonders for the new position. When trying for Pharmaceutical Jobs , learn the surrounding nature and it’s a new job for you. Also, don’t get carried away with too much anxiousness, the team might be not so impressed. Get used to the new lifestyle that’s coming up. All the others are on a daily routine, and might feel embarrassed with the excitement you exhibit. So control emotions while reaching a new workplace and until others cope up well with you.
The recovering economy in India and all over the world does include a rapid job hire in particular fields such as healthcare, IT Jobs and many more. India being one of the worlds fastest growing economies, is taking lead in increasing GDP and investments. India has marked its place to the league of developed economies over the next decade. However, this is possible when the transformation of a productive workforce comes in place. With opportunities, come challenges. Here in this article, we shall discuss the top 5 sectors that help the economic growth with huge resources being hired . INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY We know that the IT sector has a great demand worldwide, along with growing interests in India. The Tech Jobs are contributing to changing India as a global player in providing world class technology solutions. IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) has reported that the Indian IT industry has touched expected numbers of $225 billion by 2020. Besides, NASSCOM and Industry experts said the Indian IT workforce touched 30 million by 2020. TELECOM The telecom sector is witnessing a glowing future too. Zinnov estimates predict that India already has nearly 850 million mobile phone subscribers; with a 15% smartphone penetration, and this might grow in the future with the need for more employment. A better increase is expected by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in broadband subscribers. Outsourcing revenues from the telecom sector, as per E&Y, are set to grow at a spiked CAGR. HEALTHCARE The need for healthcare has been growing since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. This has turned out to be one of the major sectors around the globe, that stimulates economic growth and contributes to employment. Organizations such as Boston Consulting Group and the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), All India Management Association reckon the growth in opportunities. Especially in developing countries like India, the scope for jobs is too high. INFRASTRUCTURE Jobs Near Me website lays a great way for finding opportunities across any fields including construction or infrastructure. The infrastructure industry in India is highly fragmented and hence difficult to predict the numbers of job requirements. The various departments include roads and highways, aviation, railways, shipping, power or oil & gas, energy that are making rapid progress. The infrastructure sector in India will need to continue its growth momentum over the next 10 years and is likely to do so. RETAIL Last but not the least, Retail has been in huge demand as most people are staying at homes since an year. While the outcome is still undecided, the opening up of India's retail will create a stronger, organised industry that will help in generating employment. However, only a small part of retail in India is organised. Leaving this aside, it is estimated that the sector in India is worth more than $400 billion, with domestic and international players planning to expand across the country.
Basically, people tend to love the idea of bonuses because extra or free stuff is hard to pass up. Of course, they come with a lot of caveats, too. Understanding how they work and why they’re provided in the workplace can help you choose between a job with poor compensation and one where you’re set financially. Let’s get through important things that help you settle down with the detailed information on bonuses. What Is a Bonus? In simple terms, a bonus is a form of compensation that’s not guaranteed and that is usually paid after the completion of a certain event. Bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, but generally speaking they’re performance-based. This means a company distributes them based on how an employee or group of employees contributes to team or company goals. Bonuses are being tied to a specific quota, your level, or your performance, especially when fitting into the best Jobs Near Me  (your location). What are the types of Bonuses and how do they work? There are different types of bonuses which are distributed quarterly and in few other cases, yearly. Some are a one-time thing, others are recurring. It completely depends on what role you’re in, what you contribute, what level you’re at, and what your leadership is like. Annual Bonus It is based on overall company performance. So you may get a large or small bonus depending on how successful your organization or specific department has gained. Also, your contribution to success plays a major role. Spot Bonus A spot bonus is for people who go above and beyond and is usually tied to a task that was outside the scope of your role. It’s normally a one-time thing, if not an occasional occurrence depending on priorities, budgeting, and your leadership. Signing Bonus It is a one-time bonus provided when you sign on to a new role. Companies might offer it when an employee is walking away from something better, or if the employee is moving to a new city for the job and the company wants to cover some of the costs. Retention Bonus This is similar to a signing bonus, and is about retaining valuable talent. It’s typically provided during an acquisition, merger, or big company restructuring to convince someone to stick around for an extra period of time. Referral Bonus A referral bonus is meant to encourage current employees to refer great candidates for jobs at their company. They might be Freshers Jobs  or when recruited experienced persons. It’s typically not given until the candidate is hired and has stayed on for several months. Why do companies provide bonuses? This is just because that’s what the market tells companies to do. If other organizations of similar industry, size, or geography are offering their employees bonuses, a company may feel obligated to do the same to compete for good talent. Companies also want to hire people who they know are going to perform, and when there’s a reward for output you’ll attract a certain kind of person. Some people may find this concept stressful. Compensation is one means to drive performance. Are bonuses a guaranteed thing? Never, bonuses are offered according to the management’s policies. Most bonuses are discretionary and an addition to someone’s salary, making it practically impossible to force companies to provide them. Can bonuses be negotiated? The expectations might be too high; however you might not be receiving that huge when the company is providing you a bonus. But if you are really willing to negotiate, there is a possibility to meet your expectations, although it might not be completely fulfilled.
There are many openings from companies across India, and of course a lot of scams in the name of job opportunities. This unfortunately is happening by using the big organizations titles. So, here in this article we help you detect the job scams occurring in various forms . Interviews for various positions are now a day’s taking place via virtual mediums. So, it is more important to take the personal details, before they are shared. The confirmation of suspicions takes a strong route to the way you are heading. The person hiring candidates for the company is certainly a stranger in most cases, except for those who are internally appearing for interviews. In such cases, he/she might not even have authority to employ anyone on the company behalf. Hence, representing the company to trick someone and into cashing a fraudulent check is a possibility. It is also part of a growing problem. These kinds of scams have been creating a perfect storm with the unemployed.  Here in this article, we are listing few such scams that can be detected. What are job scams? Job scams are generally fake job postings. This is similar to a scammer trying to get access to your bank account or to steal a bank’s money. In a few other cases, your personal information is out of the hands of such scammers. Likewise the job scams do happen. You should know some of the most common types of scams to protect yourself. Also, try understanding about what warning signs to look for, and what to avoid. This is more important when searching for a job, especially when searching for Jobs Near Me  (at your location). Common types of job scams Here are four common types of employment scams: Reshipper or Package Processor Approximately 65% of respondents reported that their job offer was related to becoming a warehouse redistribution coordinator or a similar job, in the BBB’s April 2020 survey. This involved the reshipment of packages, often of items purchased with stolen credit cards. Mystery Shopper Some mystery shopper jobs are legitimate while getting paid to shop sounds enticing. For other examples: When you visit a store or restaurant and report back about your experience and you’re paid for your time and reimbursed for what you spend. But beware of scammers making a small deposit in your bank account to “get you started” as a shopper and then asking you to wire the money back to them, allowing them to gain information about you and your bank account. Product Assembler There’s a popular saying, any job that requires you to put products together at home to be shipped is probably a scam. You’ll be asked to pay for parts and products up front and they won’t reimburse you until the products are shipped. Envelope Stuffer You find stuffing envelopes from home as an easy job. However, scammers might ask you to pay for materials that either never arrive or that you aren’t able to use. They’ll ask you to buy a mailing list in addition to materials, in some cases. You’ll be told that you’ll receive back the amount paid, based on the consumer response they get to the mailing. So these kinds of scams occur while searching for jobs and can be hunted to overcome such scamsters.
A job aspirant generally has a lot of views and concerns, while in search. One of the major aspects is the job location while few others are the pay scale, size of the company, etc. Here in this article, we shall focus on the possible ways to grab a job in the local area . If your perspective goes in a way to find Jobs Near Me and confined to a specific area, find a job in your area with an array of strategies, including utilizing job search sites. These help in hunting local jobs, while you keep researching local community boards. Find detailed information on 8 tips to land a job in your area. Tips for find a job in local area 1. Research local job search sites Some websites such as Jobs Near Me portal specifically target the local job market. So explore jobs listed for specific geographic locations. However, you may not find these listings posted on national job boards. 2. Browse job search engines Explore the jobs near you, while job search engines will list jobs available nearly everywhere. There are several online job search engines or job boards with advanced search that list out the posts near you. 3. Explore company websites With awareness of the local companies at your location, you may also try browsing the respective company’s websites and apply right away. Bigger companies also allow users to search for openings by geographic location. 4. Trying state resources Depending on the flexibility by the state governments, you can watch job banks, phone and web directories, and other resources specifically for local job seekers. Furthermore, you can check out local job listings on the local Chamber of Commerce website. 5. Keep a watch on community boards The virtual community board allows neighbors to communicate easily with others in their proximity. Why not try such an option to share ideas and references with the people near you, and that would help the job searchers. 6. Join an alumni association If you are a graduate and your institution has an alumni access online, try reconnecting with your alumni association. These groups can provide significant employment resources, positions posted by local employers, classes and workshops. 7. Visit career fairs Job fairs play a great role and you can be lucky enough in planning a job of your choice easily. Check out career fairs in your area. Typically, the companies at a fair are based near the job fair's location, so you have greater chances to find local jobs. 8. Connect with your network Social Networking has taken a great way to many, while finding jobs. The social network platforms help you talk to connections including friends, family, and professional contacts. You may land in a job at a company of your interest, with some official way of speaking to people.
As a new business, delivering the job at hand is often number one priority and thinking about process optimization that usually takes the back burner.  Spreadsheets, emails, and other interim solutions enable you to get the job done and move on to the next one. Jobs Near Me provides the process of managing job and growing with the business . However you might sometimes run into challenges that prevent your business from reaching its full potential. Moving information with multiple systems using manual data entry result in wasted time. It may also include lack of visibility into your operations, and frequent errors. Lets get into the concept of job management, and provide a framework for how business works. What is job management? A systematic approach to execute all activities within the job cycle is called Job Management. A proper job search is what that benefits the career and later and applying insight(s) obtained from jobs can continually improve business prospects and career. Let’s get into much of detail: Systematic approach : Job management involves the intentional application of systems, processes, and technology to the way you execute jobs so you can capture job data and optimize your workflow over time Continually improve business operations : Job management involves consistently leveraging data to select, prioritize, and improve jobs to maximize organizational success and profitability Execute on job cycle activities : Job management involves optimizing how your organization completes each phase of the job cycle so that you’re delivering efficient and accurate work  What types of businesses require job management? Job management applies to any business that completes jobs. In this context, one can find a job with particular responsibilities that can be found on Naukri jobs portal. A job is a piece of work with specified deliverables and a defined start and end date.  Here are some of the common types of businesses that apply job management to deliver services including:  Architecture firms Consultancies Creative & design agencies  Engineering firms  Construction & development services Accounting and bookkeeping firms  IT services The list however goes on. There are several more relevant industries and businesses that can use job management to organize how they work. Stages of the job management cycle One can find a job with Naukri search  and your job cycle consists of all the activities you do to manage jobs. Job management requires businesses to think about the job cycle as a cohesive system, rather than a collection of isolated tasks. The goal job management involves increasing efficiency between stages. Seeing that each business is unique, everyone’s job cycle will look a little different. Additionally, for a newer business, employee time tracking or performance reporting is important.
Jobs Near Me has some pro tips for the employees looking to raise in salaries. Most of the employees are intimidated by asking for a salary hike, even in good times. Despite the hard work and productivity they show, what is pulling them behind? In this article, we shall discuss whether to ask for a hike, and the procedure to ask for a salary hike during the pandemic . Take a look at how to deal with things to see your pay scale going up for all the efforts you put at work, with the delay in salary hikes still continuing. Can you ask for a hike in the midst of a pandemic? The employees who have completed a financial year with the company, April 2019 to March 2020 in the current case, definitely look out for a hike in salary. It’s obvious! But the start of 2020 is the worst period in the world. So, your wait has gone in vain, for many who really think to get back themselves to work for the same pay continuing on. On the flip side, just think if you have all the capability to be a reputed employee who can add more value while the company acquired huge profits. So aspects such as your best performance and better company growth can be adding your chances for a hike proposal with your hiring manager. Also, take a note of your financial situation and discuss with the management to find a raise in salary. How to ask for a hike during a pandemic? You are now finally committed to ask for a hike which is an employee’s basic right. Follow these steps to draw in more income while you proceed to go officially. Prepare for the ask Managers and HR are too intelligent to deal with employee’s hikes and of course that’s the reason they are hired for. So, salary talk is unlike a technical discussion that happens with your colleague and you being the master of that technology. Get prepared to ask for your 12 months hard work, you would be evaluated with all the parameters of performance and work ethics. Your higher authority’s feedback also plays a key role in your appraisal, while the evaluations may be hidden almost always. Pick the right time It’s hard picking your boss’s time for a hike discussion, as most of the companies have allowed their employees to Work From Home and you never know of his/her schedule. So, trigger an email, asking for the right time and availability of a day that fits best for the conversation. If you have a close professional bonding with the boss or manager, try giving a few options with time and date. Send him/her an official slot marking the date, once the schedule is confirmed. Making a video call can be the best choice for people involved with the discussion. Implement the ask After a detailed preparation with documentation, and with the schedule confirmation, you are into the real game. Allow the panel to understand how smart you worked during the pandemic, and how good you made the work plan for future. At the end of the day, your work should be satisfying for you and for the company/business. This allows the management to look into your plans that promote their business, hence a hike! However, this will be happening at the possibly earliest time but not mostly on the spot.
There have been millions of job losses for Indian youth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to various surveys. Many countries have been suffering with these job losses since the pandemic started and countries like India and the US were impacted from early April 2020. So if you've lost your job due to COVID-19, there has to be a clear explanation of how and why the lay-off happened. Potential employers can be critical to fill you in the job position, but the major aspect of dealing with the situation is what matters the most. It might be hard to get back on track, but put in efforts on finding a good job. In this article, we shall discuss how to deal with the employment gap due to COVID-19 and better ways of talking about it with the hiring managers. Jobs Near Me portal covers the key aspects of driving in yourself better during hard times of lay-off. Take a look at these few things when you have been laid off and on how to answer the recruiters when asked about lay-off as they notice the employment gap. Include a note in your resume about job loss due to COVID-19 Hiring managers can understand easily that your employment gap has occurred due to COVID-19, as you mention it on the resume or cover letter. Just brief it up with a short explanation in 1-3 lines. This quickly helps the potential employers of the real cause. Besides, there may be a dis-qualification of your resume if you are not mentioning the reason for your employment gap. For those actively looking at new opportunities, Naukri Jobs  can be the best platform for your job search. Be focused and positive You might never have imagined seeing in a situation of pandemic that broke down into your job loss. It can be so depressing, especially with employees running families. But, it’s not the end of the world. With the nations recovering slowly, opportunities will also be created. Give your best to turn on things well in finding a new job, with possibly a better salary. The way you think reflects the way it happens, and many across the world are facing job losses. So focus and positivity can be the key parameters to success. Be honest The coronavirus pandemic forced many employers to lay-off their employees, and this has been on a larger scale compared to the past. You might be a trust-worthy and one of the hard working employees for the company. So maintain the similar attitude while talking with the recruiters and get picked easily. Never talk rudely about the company that laid-off. This indeed might bring a negative impression to the potential employers. There are many Latest Jobs in India . Especially with Information Technology growing, job seekers can explore opportunities in that area.