How to talk about COVID-19 Layoff in a Resume, Cover Letter, or Interview?

There have been millions of job losses for Indian youth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to various surveys. Many countries have been suffering with these job losses since the pandemic started and countries like India and the US were impacted from early April 2020.

So if you've lost your job due to COVID-19, there has to be a clear explanation of how and why the lay-off happened. Potential employers can be critical to fill you in the job position, but the major aspect of dealing with the situation is what matters the most.

It might be hard to get back on track, but put in efforts on finding a good job. In this article, we shall discuss how to deal with the employment gap due to COVID-19 and better ways of talking about it with the hiring managers.

Jobs Near Me portal covers the key aspects of driving in yourself better during hard times of lay-off. Take a look at these few things when you have been laid off and on how to answer the recruiters when asked about lay-off as they notice the employment gap.

Include a note in your resume about job loss due to COVID-19

Hiring managers can understand easily that your employment gap has occurred due to COVID-19, as you mention it on the resume or cover letter. Just brief it up with a short explanation in 1-3 lines. This quickly helps the potential employers of the real cause.

Besides, there may be a dis-qualification of your resume if you are not mentioning the reason for your employment gap. For those actively looking at new opportunities, Naukri Jobs can be the best platform for your job search.

Be focused and positive

You might never have imagined seeing in a situation of pandemic that broke down into your job loss. It can be so depressing, especially with employees running families. But, it’s not the end of the world.

With the nations recovering slowly, opportunities will also be created. Give your best to turn on things well in finding a new job, with possibly a better salary. The way you think reflects the way it happens, and many across the world are facing job losses.

So focus and positivity can be the key parameters to success.

Be honest

The coronavirus pandemic forced many employers to lay-off their employees, and this has been on a larger scale compared to the past. You might be a trust-worthy and one of the hard working employees for the company.

So maintain the similar attitude while talking with the recruiters and get picked easily. Never talk rudely about the company that laid-off. This indeed might bring a negative impression to the potential employers.

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