Steps to follow for asking a salary hike during the pandemic

Jobs Near Me has some pro tips for the employees looking to raise in salaries. Most of the employees are intimidated by asking for a salary hike, even in good times. Despite the hard work and productivity they show, what is pulling them behind?

In this article, we shall discuss whether to ask for a hike, and the procedure to ask for a salary hike during the pandemic. Take a look at how to deal with things to see your pay scale going up for all the efforts you put at work, with the delay in salary hikes still continuing.

Can you ask for a hike in the midst of a pandemic?

The employees who have completed a financial year with the company, April 2019 to March 2020 in the current case, definitely look out for a hike in salary. It’s obvious! But the start of 2020 is the worst period in the world.

So, your wait has gone in vain, for many who really think to get back themselves to work for the same pay continuing on. On the flip side, just think if you have all the capability to be a reputed employee who can add more value while the company acquired huge profits.

So aspects such as your best performance and better company growth can be adding your chances for a hike proposal with your hiring manager. Also, take a note of your financial situation and discuss with the management to find a raise in salary.

How to ask for a hike during a pandemic?

You are now finally committed to ask for a hike which is an employee’s basic right. Follow these steps to draw in more income while you proceed to go officially.

Prepare for the ask

Managers and HR are too intelligent to deal with employee’s hikes and of course that’s the reason they are hired for. So, salary talk is unlike a technical discussion that happens with your colleague and you being the master of that technology.

Get prepared to ask for your 12 months hard work, you would be evaluated with all the parameters of performance and work ethics. Your higher authority’s feedback also plays a key role in your appraisal, while the evaluations may be hidden almost always.

Pick the right time

It’s hard picking your boss’s time for a hike discussion, as most of the companies have allowed their employees to Work From Home and you never know of his/her schedule. So, trigger an email, asking for the right time and availability of a day that fits best for the conversation.

If you have a close professional bonding with the boss or manager, try giving a few options with time and date. Send him/her an official slot marking the date, once the schedule is confirmed. Making a video call can be the best choice for people involved with the discussion.

Implement the ask

After a detailed preparation with documentation, and with the schedule confirmation, you are into the real game. Allow the panel to understand how smart you worked during the pandemic, and how good you made the work plan for future.

At the end of the day, your work should be satisfying for you and for the company/business. This allows the management to look into your plans that promote their business, hence a hike! However, this will be happening at the possibly earliest time but not mostly on the spot.