Basics to follow while in search of Jobs during COVID-19 pandemic

If you want to develop the skills that upgrade your professionalism, now is the right time while staying closer to the chances of grabbing an opportunity of your interest. Make yourself more employable for any future roles by following a few key aspects.

Upgrade portfolio

Cover Letter

A cover letter needs to be too specific to the company and role you are applying for. Make sure to do your research and include this knowledge, along with your relevant skills and experience to match this when applying.


Add your skills and update your CV. The major aspect in the CV should include your most recent and relevant work experience. Also adding hobbies, interests and achievements you have developed while at University gives great boast while applying using Jobs Near Me portal.


Social media platforms’ including LinkedIn is a great way to create essentially an online CV for all employers to see without even applying! You can be an eye-catcher with a profile posted on your social network and the employers might show interest to know more.

So, prepare a Linkedin profile right away to keep your things going. Linkedin also goes beyond what an ordinary CV can provide by the endorsements others can give you to prove you have those skills, and your connections can be of great help.

Develop or learn new skills online

Upgrade your skills, if you’re looking to go into an industry and in areas you would like more training and development. You can use online platforms that provide digital courses for you to learn from all sectors.

Learn a language digitally

Get to know one or more technology languages for jobs that make you stand out from the other applicants and could open the doors to many more opportunities. This is especially if you want to work in a business that requires you to travel or work abroad.

Online volunteering

Many charities and organizations have found alternative ways to ensure help, although social distancing measures are in place. You can still be given to those in need in a great way to get involved with the community and to develop your skills.