Hiring Accounts Receivable Executive

  • AB7Solutions
  • Aug 18, 2020
Full time Health Care

Job Description

An A/R representative is responsible for timely and accurate follow-up and appeal of denials/rejections received from third-party payers. The representative will manage their assigned work to ensure payer appeal/filing deadlines are met and achieve optimal payment for services rendered. 

  • Graduate with 1-5 years’ experience in the US health care industry (HB or PB – HB preferred).
  • Ability to read and interpret the insurance explanation of benefits (EOBs
  • Knowledge of payer edits, rejections, rules, and how to appropriately respond to each.
  • Accuracy in identifying the cause of rejections/denials and selecting the most appropriate method for resolution.
  • Demonstrated proficiency with timely and successful appeals to insurance companies

Job Location: Mohali Punjab

Salary- 25000 - 47000 Per Month 


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